Intro to Wood Block Printing


Two-day workshop

Sat. and Sun. May 11 & 12, 2019

About Intro to Wood Block Printing

Cost: $225 tuition + $20 materials fee

Six students max.

I’ve been thinking of offering a wood cut class for years now. Printing images and text by wood block has been around since ancient China. It was the first printmaking process, and is still done the world over in many different ways. For this introductory class, we’ll be printing with black ink on white or colored paper.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  1. Tools : carving tools and sharpening ; brayers and palettes ; wooden spoon, baren, book press and etching press.

  2. Materials : wood for the block ; inks, both oil and water based ; papers

  3. Process : Design in black and white ; cutting ; proofing ; printing and editions

I hope you’ll join me in my studio for two days of wood, paper and ink!

Provided: Inks and papers, some cutting tools, some barens and presses. You are welcome to bring any of your favorite chisels and gouges, brayers, barens or wooden spoons.