The Dao of Seeing
July 8 - 9

Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
Otis, Oregon

Painting from Nature, out in the open, is a pleasurable challenge. It calls for a sustained effort of looking and repeated painting. The key to better painting is learning how to slow the mind in order to SEE, and then to flow with the tide of creation. This workshop on the repeated practice of looking and painting will take place between the studio and the open air. We will learn specific meditation methods, color mixing, Western and Asian composition strategies, using ebb and flow, and seeing through momentary conditions. Playful experiment and grounding in meditation will be integral to our workshop. Only expectations limit the possibilities.

The Dao of seeing is centered between keen observation of landscape, the mystery of attention, and sound painting methods. The emphasis is on seeing, experimentation, playful abstraction, process. Color and composition are also emphasized. Meditation practice will be a part of every day. Come discover what painting en plein air can be.

Registration for this workshop is on the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology website here