Color for Painters Workshop (Seattle, WA)

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  • First weekend: March 30 & 31

  • Second weekend : April  13 & 14

  • 9am - 5pm each day

About Color for Painters Workshop

4-day workshop class on color interaction, color mixing & painting in color

In this 4 full day class we’ll learn about color in light, in paint & in paintings. We will experiment with color interactions using Josef Albers’ methods in paper for the first few weeks, then we’ll explore the seven color contrasts through color mixing in paint. There will be exercises & homework.

Cost: $425 tuition

You will learn:

  1. to see in the world the various color contrasts and imitate them with paints

  2. to see these contrasts in the artworks of contemporary and historic artists

  3. to mix colors with better precision

  4. to use color with more purpose

  5. to structure a painting using value, warm-cool and chroma to greater effect

  6. to redecorate your house with color!


Classes will be held at:
North Seattle Friends Church
7740 24th Ave. NE
Seattle, WA 98115

Class materials available at Artist & Craftsman Supply with 20% student discount on the “class kit”, which includes all required materials. More info available upon registration.


You may also register by contacting me via email at or phone: 503.201.2556.