2019 Classes and Workshops

Below is a summary list of the CLASSES and WORKSHOPS I'll be offering from January through October. Iā€™m still developing workshops in various locations and will post them as they firm up. There will be flyers and other information coming soon.

To register for any of these workshops or for more information, please get in touch with me.
Follow up the email with your payment. I'll email you with more information upon receipt of your check. Refunds policy as follows: 50% up to one month prior to start date.
Registration for the class at Sitka is through the Sitka website (below).

You can also call me at 503-201-2556.

Featured Class

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Jan. 9 - Mar. 20     Color for Painters     Portland, Oregon

Jan. 10 - Mar. 21    Color for Painters     Portland, Oregon

July 8 - 9    The Dao of Seeing
                     Sitka Center for Art & Ecology      Otis, Oregon

Aug. 17 - 20     Oregon High Desert      Diamond, Oregon

Oct. 12 - 15     Oregon High Desert      Diamond, Oregon


And that's it for 2019 workshops, so far. Other workshops under development include Dao of Seeing in the Skagit Delta area of western Washington State (no date set yet); and a landscape painting workshop in Manzanita, Oregon.

You can always contact me with ideas for workshops and locations. I appreciate your contact.

Happy painting!