Y Aquí Me Quedo - 2018

24 x 30 inches

oil on canvas


2019 Exhibits:


Not Dark Yet

A solo show of oil paintings from 2018 to present. All based in experience of MOUNTAIN, WATER, SKY. If we can’t love these, we will lose them. More to the point, we won’t be here. The process we will go through to no longer be here is not going to be pleasant. The process has begun. Painting is loving whatever is regarded. Loving what the natural world offers is how we turn toward taking care of it, which is simply caring enough not to spoil it. In the middle 90s, I turned my attention fully to Wilderness as a subject. Whether the work is simple and abstract, or more naturalistic, the motivations are the same. Wonder and affection, sadness and delight. May all beings benefit from this looking.

Opening May 2, 2019

Augen Gallery
716 NW Davis St.
Portland, OR 97209

Not Dark Yet

oil on panel

Ten Thousand Abodes  oil on panel

Ten Thousand Abodes

oil on panel