Personal Guidance in Studio Art


Sometimes you need the perspective of an artist who’s been doing it a while.  

I’m now well into my fifth decade of making art. When I was young, I learnt from some wonderful teachers, and to two in particular I returned regularly for guidance in painting. Since then, my path has led me through many different ways of working, different traditions and visions pioneered by artists of the past and present. This eclectic path has given me both a broad acceptance of the innumerable ways to find meaning in art and depth in each one of these ways.

Along this very same path, I’ve delved deep into philosophical, religious and spiritual traditions of the world with the guidance of teachers from many traditions. It’s not something I talk about much, but this experience has leant depth to my seeing art and making art. It has to do with longing, and seeing that nothing is as it appears. Regular meditation practice – just sitting – remains the basis of everything I make.

23+ Years of Teaching Experience

Since 1996, I’ve been teaching people how to see and respond to seeing through art. Mostly this takes place in classes, for many years through Pacific Northwest College of Art, Oregon College of Art and Craft, Pratt Fine Art Center (Seattle), Sitka Center for Art and Ecology, and through my own studio in Portland, Oregon.

Sometimes, a class is not what you’re in need of; you need one-on-one guidance from someone who’s been around the block. I’m available for that.

Hire Me for Personal Art Coaching

On request, as your time is available; or on a regular schedule, every two weeks or once a month, or per arrangement.


Hourly: $65/hour with a minimum of 2 hours; $325 for a full day.


My studio or yours.

Note: If your studio is more than 30 minutes away, I might charge for travel time.


You may also register via email at or phone: 503.201.2556.